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North Korea Threaten War Over Seth Rogan Film

In Other News... 3 years ago

Kim Jong-un is a bit pissed off with Seth Rogan's new film 'The Interview'


The Classic Boris Throwing A Ball Pic Is Now A Meme

In Other News... 3 years, 2 days ago

Boris looking look like a berk will always be cause for internet sharing


Hodgson Slams Wenger For Body-Shaming Premier League Managers

The England manager responds to the much publicised topless photo of Wenger on the beach in Brazil

3 years, 7 days ago

Shock In Sky Headquarters As Employee Discovers Football Began Before 1992

Football 3 years, 14 days ago

Sky Sports was left reeling today after one of their employees discovered old footage of an Wimbledon-Liverpool match from 1988


Moon Landing Revealed To Be A Paddy Power Stunt

1Moving 3 years, 15 days ago

The seminal moon landing of 1969, which was watched by millions in the States, has been revealed as a stunt by the Irish bookmaking chain, Paddy Power.

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