Kid Asks Jamie Carragher Brilliant Luis Suarez Question

Football Liverpool video 2 years, 10 months ago Ben Kiely

This wise-cracking Irish kid could give some football journalists a run for their money.

When a young fan met retired footballer Jamie Carragher in Dublin, he put forward an obvious yet, until now, overlooked question to the Liverpudlian. The kid straight up asked the ex-England international if he was ever on the receiving end of a Luis Suarez bite.

Fair question. The Uruguayan did play alongside him at Anfield. The former Liverpool striker was suspended at this year’s World Cup for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. It marked the third time the Uruguayan talisman bit an opposing player on a football pitch.  Considering his record for chomping down on opponents, it is always a distinct possibility he might have chewed on one of his team mates at one stage

Carragher refused to comment. Maybe the kid is onto something…

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