Last week my colleague had the temerity to write a piece about why Jonah Lomu Rugby was the greatest video game of all time. ‘NO!’ I say! That title goes to WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role.

He had 11 reasons for Lomu, I’ve 22 reasons. Yes. 22!

1. The Intro

‘Ladies and gentlemen this is proof! Anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation!!’

(From 0:46)

2. Fellas running their mouth

Ah season mode, you were tremendous fun!


3. You couldn’t help but read all commentary subtitles in JR’s voice


4. Loading pages

There was a lot explaining to be done when your mum walked in during the likes of this.



5. Knowing that when Vince McMahon said this, shit was about to go down.

You’d sim through countless meaningless matches just to get to this point in a pay-per-view.



6. The excitement when you unlocked Tag Team Tornado matches

Ohhh yea! They were unbelievable and we had the Dudleys to thank for suggesting them.

7.  When Stone Cold destroyed Vince McMahon’s bus!

Haha, the face on Triple H!

8. Breaking through the cell in Hell in a Cell matches

Within five minutes of purchasing the game everyone was on the phone to their friends who already had it wondering who the hell you break through …

9. Fighting on top of the cell

And putting your opponent through it! Although we couldn’t find any footage of that unfortunately.



10. The Undertaker being shit cool through out the whole thing

This was during his ill-advised American Bad Ass era when he’d come in on motorcycle. He still was king of not giving a shit, though.



11. Also being absolutely terrified by the dong for his entrance

Are you scared?… YES!

12. Fighting on the entrance stage

For some reason, you’d Irish whip opponents into the side of it and random weapons would fall from the sky. Mops and whatnot!



13. Beat downs

They were forever happening and it was always by such random people!

14. And as for when this happened…

‘What’s that? You want to speak to me? Well I don’t see what harm could….’


15.  The Mean Street Bloody Posse

Need I say any more?



16. Chris Jericho’s countdown

Always Always the video of choice for my created wrestlers.

17. And the other entrances

Yes, erm, entrances…

18. TLC matches

Well the best type of match. Quite clearly.



19. Steve Blackman

Did Jonah Lomu rugby have Steve Blackman in it? I think not!



20. Random rumours that would spread about ways to unlock wrestlers

I remember the word on the school playground was that if you wrestled three seasons with Shane McMahon you’d unlock the Big Show. Such innocent, internet-less days, when there wasn’t some smartarse on YouTube spoiling all the tall tales.



21. Going into create a superstar and giving someone massive boobs

Hours of fun.



22. The end game credits made us all want to be wrestlers when we grow up

I still want to be one! There’s something in my eye..

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