The World Cup is literally hours away, we hope you have your “Sorry Boss” excuses at the ready, the next month will see productivity levels drop to barely recordable levels as the entire country sits by the closest TV.

So what do you need. Well here at – we have come up with the list.

The Wallchart

Plenty of options here but the PixelPremierLeague have stolen a march with this masterpiece, now make sure no one is near the office printer and loudly announce “The Toner is out” while trying to “fix” the blasted thing.


Click this bastard for bigger size

The Bracket

We have sorted this out, late doors it has to be admitted. But later is better than never. Now get involved in the inauguralĀ predictor bracket – make your mark and compete for nothing but bragging rights

The Spreadsheet

The Great excel sheet of office sweepstakes – sort out your own sweepstakes in a Russell Crowe beautiful minds sorta way – Dave Boyle has your back.

The Google Calendar

All the matches for all the groups until the final game – all in glorious remind you to get home and in front of the TV. Click add to google in the bottom right here.


Any more to add? get in touch with us on



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