NBA 2K15 came out a couple of days ago and although it’s not a disaster, as yet, there are serious murmurs of discontent amongst the gaming community. The major problems seem to be centring around the on-line elements, gamers losing progress and game-play rewards mysteriously. The ability to upload your picture and have it mapped to a player’s face has also failed miserably. A quick question. Is anyone testing these fucking things any more before they sell them?! Has the concept of Quality Assurance testing gone completely out the window? 5-10 years ago heads would have rolled in even the most modest gaming company for glitches like these. These days it would appear you can just create any old toss and flog it for £50 to a generally receptive public.

Right, on to the funny stuff. Here’s a couple of the funnier visual glitches that gamers are finding in NBA 2K15.

NBA 2K15 Glitches

NBA 2K15 Glitches LeBron

LeBron! LeBron all up in your grille!! God damn that guy is fast! Whatever is going on in the stomach region is just unsettling.

NBA 2K15 Glitches

NBA 2K15 Glitches – smooth bench guy

Smoothest bench player ever. This guy was in the john or maybe even chuggin’ a brewskie at a concession stand, time-out called, he just slides right back on in there without anyone noticing. So money.

NBA 2K15 Glitches

NBA 2K15 Glitches – walk on water

I mean, what the..? NBA players can walk on water, or something.

NBA 2K15 Glitches

NBA 2K15 Glitches – Eager sideline reporter


Tell you something, she is going to get that interview.

Glitch 02

Of course, maybe she’s just wearing wheelies.

Credit where credit is due, it is a beautifully rendered game. Even jump shots clanging off the rim look pretty nice.

NBA 2K15 glitches - Nice gameplay

NBA 2K15 glitches – Nice gameplay

That last GIF could seriously be a clip from an NBA game, right?





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