You know the drill. You’re at work, going about your own business and you feel the need to have a quick Facebook creep on that girl that smiled at you one time, maybe. Inevitably, you get pulled up for not being productive enough and possibly a quick slap on the wrist.

It’s an everyday occurrence and won’t lead to any disciplinary problems, unless of course your ‘work’ is robbing people’s houses. In that case you better make sure you log out before you leave.


That’s right, the latest holder of the world’s dumbest criminal title is Nicolas Wig, a 26 year old from Minnesota.

Mr Wig was perusing through the home of James Wood when he got distracted and decided to check his Facebook. He then continued with the robbery, all the while forgetting to log out. When Wood returned, he found Wig still logged in.

From there it gets even more interesting. Wood decided to post his own number on Wig’s account in the hope he’d get in touch. He did and the two agreed to hash things out in person. Before that could happen, Wood called police and Wig was arrested.

Excellent stuff all round, let’s hope the world doesn’t run out of dumb criminals like this any time soon.


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