Sergio Ramos was in the fashion headlines this weekend as he travelled in a get-up suitable really only for a pimp or perhaps fashion designer who just did a Keith Richards level of drugs. Ramos is fearless when it comes to tackling, and he also absolutely does not give a fuck what you think of his style sense. Let’s have a look back at 10 of the greatest moments in the fashion/style history of the great Real Madrid defender.

1. The latest and greatest

Ramos like a boss. He may look like he should be doing business with Tony Soprano, but, would you say that to his face? Probably not, right?



2. The colour blue

This sweater could not be any more blue. What the hell is that, aqua blue? Whatever it is, it’s shocking.

Sergio Ramos


3. The colour green

Holy green pants, those pants are shockingly green. And tight. No Bieber like concerns here with Sergio.



4.  The GTA

If this were in a fashion magazine it would be entitled; ”I just created a new character in Grand Theft Auto and this is what I decked him out in”. Where the hell did he get those pants? A NASA surplus store? That hair, though. Seriously, that hair would make a grown man cry.



5.  The Kevlar vest look

Where to start with this one. We know Ramos is an international target for Barcelona loving terrorists, but is that Kevlar vest really necessary? And, does it have to be so tight?!  Those boots, also. Those boots!



6. Crunchy Groovy Hipster

Obviously Ramos was not going to miss out on the hipster craze



7. Hair.

Such glorious hair. Goodness. This hair needs to be in hair product adverts.



8. Paging Mr Red Pants

More tight pants. This time, super red. These ones are so tight that they are making poor Ramos lean to one side. You know your pants are too tight if they are making you lean to one side.



9. Looks fine, looks fine, looks…..damn!!

Scroll down, keep going, keep going, bang! There you go. Man-purse alert! That’s one serious man-purse right there. You need to be about as cocky as Sergio Ramos to feature a man-purse like that. Then there’s the kicker, those turn-ups! They belong in a yacht club somewhere fancy.



10. Sergio Ramos style

We can knock him all we want, but every now and then Sergio knocks it out of the park. This is so hot right now.



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