What is it about Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger and bottles? You all remember this.

This time the bottle was attacking him.

Last night the Gunners drew 0-0 with Besiktas in the Champions League play-off round, first leg, and the Turkish fans may or may not have tossed a bottle at the Frenchman. “As I left the pitch a bottle or -something was thrown at me,” Wenger said. “I reported the incident to UEFA.”

In fairness this match never stood a chance to pass on peacefully. Arsenal playing in Turkey (‘Welcome to Hell’ as they say themselves in Turkey), with such high stakes in play, and indeed Slaven Bilic involved (He’d probably nut his own Grandmother if her had to), this was always going to end up as a bit of a kerfuffle.

It should be noted the bottle missed. Chelsea are probably seeking the perpetrator out as we speak, to offer him a £50 million contract to play up front on Costa’s days off.

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