We’re late with this, but lookit, it was deadline day yesterday and we got distracted.

Seamus Coleman and Diego Costa had a bit of a running battle during Chelsea’s 6-3 win over Everton on Saturday with the striker get a yellow card after some handbags between the two ten minutes into the second half. After Coleman deflected an Eden Hazard cross into his own net to put the London side 3-1 ahead, the Spanish international taunted the Irish fullback. It’s something which Roberto Martinez was not happy about.

Here’s what Martinez said, via The Guardian:

I think there are certain foreign players who, when they come to the Premier League, they need to understand the ethics. It is a completely different culture and the last thing you want to be is disrespectful from a player to another player, even if he is on the opposing team. I am sure he will learn that very quickly. The last thing I would do myself is fall into a trap and be disrespectful that way.

That is something I am sure he will learn quickly. There is a real respect in the league and you can understand why the players weren’t happy with that, the same way he was trying to win free-kicks with the way he was playing. It is going to take a little bit of time to understand this league is quite different and unique and it needs players to adapt to it rather than the league adapting to them.

It also really pissed off Tim Howard who got booked for confronting some Chelsea players over Costa’s antics.


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