One of the big stories of this summer’s World Cup was the huge level of support which the US team received in the land of the free and the home of the brave. America has long been seen as football’s last great frontier and it’s beginning to look like the beautiful game may be making some serious inroads. Frank Lampard, David Villa and Kaka are all set to move to the US at the beginning of the next MLS season and on Saturday night 109,000 fans packed into the Big House in Michigan to watch Man Utd take on Real Madrid.

But as this picture shows it may be the spectacle of football that is taking America’s fancy. Maybe we’re wrong though, perhaps this is just the camera phone revolution’s natural progression to sport. Coming to a Premier League ground near you soon?

Whatever way you look at it, Gareth Bale’s penalty in the 27th minute must be the most photographed kick in the history of football.

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