The team doctor to FC Bayern and the German national team, the impressively-named Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfarht, has said that England will never win another World Cup because the Premier League does not have a winter break.

Speaking to Eurosport, Müller-Wohlfahrt said that the newly-crowned world champions would need a longer layoff to be fully prepared for the rigours of 2014-15. The first game of the domestic season comes just one month after the World Cup Final and will see a good deal of the national team in action as Bayern face Dortmund in the Supercup on August 13.

He took some consolation from the fact that the Bundesliga has a mid-season rest period, which he believes gives German sides a decisive advantage over other major footballing nations. He gave one clear example of a country with the opposite approach, and believes that a non-stop domestic fixture schedule is doing untold damage to its national team’s long-term prospects. He said:

“The English, therefore, will never be world champions again, because they have no winter break”.

So is he right? There is definitely something in his call for more recovery time for top-level players, but is a lack of a Christmas getaway enough reason to permanently damn a country to footballing mediocrity?

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