Lionel Messi found himself on the ground a couple of times during last night’s feisty 0-0 draw between Barcelona and Malaga. The table topping Catalans have yet to concede a single goal in this relatively new La Liga season. In a taut, tense match their hosts Malaga visibly lifted their own efforts to match their illustrious visitors. Some of their players went a little too far at times. After a typically magical dribble along the line, Messi and¬†Weligton Oliveira faced off, at which point the Malaga defender did this.


Here it is in slow motion.


Astonishingly the referee only gave Weligton a yellow for this assault. He had approached the incident with the red card in his hand, but must have had a change of heart during the kurfuffle, prior to dishing out justice.

In truth, it was a terrible match and the above was probably the only talking point. You can expect Barcelona to put 4 or 5 past Malaga in the return fixture, they won’t forget this incident quickly.


Weligton gets himself a little rare attention

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