At this late stage in the game you would think defenders would know better. If Arjen Robben makes his way into the box on the right side, do not, we repeat, do not let him get his left peg into a shooting position. Do whatever you have to do, block him, tackle him, whatever, just don’t let him drag that left leg back and shoot.

AS Roma allowed Robben the freedom of the right side of their box last night, and this happened.

Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben

It’s almost as if he has a template for this goal at this stage, you could imagine Robben scoring like this, from this position, with a blindfold on. One final thought, there were 8 (eight) Roma defenders in the box as Robbem scored. 8. Including 3 in his immediate proximity. There’s a little work to be done defensively on the AS Roma training ground, it would seem.

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