Our little corner of the world is not perfect, but take some solace in the fact that we can call it shit when we want to. It may not be shit, but at least we can say it. From tomorrow, the ordinary folks of Russia won’t have that luxury.

Beginning on the 1st of July, swearing will be banned across all media, including television, film and cultural events such as the theatre. All books that contain swear words will have to carry warnings on the cover.

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All in all it’s designed to clean up the Russian language and the intention is that it won’t stop there. On the same day that the swearing ban will be enacted, another bill will be debated in parliament aimed at removing foreign words from the mother tongue.

Apparently words such as ’boutique’, ‘manager’, ‘OK’ and ‘wow’ have infiltrated Russian and Putin and cronies aren’t happy about it.

While it might sound like more silly laws from crazy Vladimir and his gang, it points to something more sinister. Journalist, Oksana Chelysheva told the Huffington Post exactly what these laws are designed to do.

The main reason is just to have another tool to manipulate the laws for political purposes. There have been innumerable examples of activists detained in the streets on grounds of their alleged usage of ‘offensive language’ in public places.

So next time you want to give out about the Tories being a bunch of bottom squeezing pricks or Labour acting like benefit happy arseholes, be glad that you can do it.

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