All of us should be extremely jealous if commentator and presenter Steve Bower round about now. He has got the opportunity for a lengthy sit down with Kenny Dalglish, Roy Keane, and Thierry Henry to mark the 25th anniversary of the Premier League.

They did park a few TV cameras in fronts of the lads, thankfully, meaning that the rest of us could watch on, agog.

It was a terrific 90 minutes, and if it is repeated again on Sky Sports, it’s well worth catching.

Naturally, there was a section dedicated to the veneration of Alex Ferguson, the man who has won the Premier League thirteen flippin’ times.

Thierry Henry was full of praise for Ferguson, and called on the Premier League to name the trophy after him.

When I met him for the first time, I called him Mr. Premier League. Thirteen. this is ridiculous. The trophy we see right there should have his name. People might disagree with this, and I’m not a Man United fan. Thirteen times? This is too much.

Keane – rarely one to allow Ferguson get away with too much praise – jumped in immediately to say that Ferguson always had great staff, naming Brian Kidd, Steve McClaren, Jimmy Ryan, Mike Phelan and Queiroz all got a mention. In fairness to Keane, there was no hint of a grudge held toward Ferguson throughout the show, and was not hesitant to give Ferguson his due.

Keane’s hailing of the backroom staff echoed an earlier point made by Henry.

Earlier, Henry pinpointed one aspect of Ferguson’s genius: his backroom staff churned, but never dropped in quality.

His ability to change his staff, bring a new number 2, a new voice and new idea. Carlos Queiroz and other guys, tactically sound. This also helped. Because if the training sessions are always the same, it can get boring.

He also knew what he wasn’t good at. So he would select people for his staff to do what he couldn’t. I could see that from the outside: ‘Oh, he’s changed the no.2 again. Oh, he’s changed the no.2 again’.

He was always bringing a new voice.

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