We’ve all been there. You’re having a football debate with some friends when you get a bit ahead of yourself and let your heart rule your head. ‘I’m telling you this is going to be Liverpool’s year, I’ll put 50 quid on it’. And thankfully, that’s usually as bad as it gets. However, Jon Jolley from Wrexham went a bit further.

Earlier in the year, Jolley was so confident that Brazil would win this summer’s World Cup that he told his friends that he’d climb Mount Snowdon in a thong if it didn’t happen. We all know how it eventually turned out and not only was Jolley a man of his word, he decided to make something of his misfortune by doing the climb for Cancer Research UK.

To be quite honest, it’s the production values of the video that have impressed us the most. The world has found its go-to director for strangely inspirational nearly naked climbing videos.

At the time of writing Jolley has raised £988 for Cancer Research. If anyone wants to donate they can visit his JustGiving page here.


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