This week we will be asking our readers to select the best hairstyle to ever grace the Premier League. The options are almost limitless but we have narrowed the options down to three groups. Today we will be looking at the New Wave group. On Thursday we will be going Old School and on Friday, we’ll be taking a look at those with Big Hair. Then on Friday we will present the winners of each group and ask you to narrow it all down to one single best Premier League haircut. it is, after all, a super important question.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has led the way for the New Wave haircut group for many a year now. His haircuts have made a million girls (and boys) go weak at the knees, and they have probably boosted the hair gel industry by about 1,000 % since his first perfectly plastered flop over. A vote for Ronaldo is a vote for heavily gelled hair-dos and the swagger to pull them off.


David James

You may notice Mr James pop up in all three groups. That’s because his various haircuts down the years have transcended groupings. You could say David James was a hair-visionary. You could say that, and then regret saying that when you see this picture.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 22.36.54

Gareth Bale

Probably the most dramatic haircut from Wales. Ever. Bale carries the weight of a nation on his back. A vote for Bale is a vote for ‘I just don’t care most of the time’ haircuts that may or may not have been planned.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 22.36.45

Jack Wilshere

Wilshere gives us ‘The London Gent’, and manages to get through entire matches without a hair out of place.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 22.36.20

Joe Hart

Now here’s a man who is comfortable within himself. Only men who are superbly comfortable within themselves could be the face and hair of head and shoulders commercials. Hart must have balls of absolute steel and personal resolution internally to match to stay strong under the barrage of abuse he gets from the terraces. That or he’s deaf.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 22.36.29

Marouane Chamakh

Absolutely disgusting or, wonderfully defiant. Depends which way you look at it really. ‘The Marouane Chamakh’ is a polarising haircut indeed. Ask for it in a barbers and the barber will shave a lump off the front, throw a blob of gel on, slap your head around a little, tussle your hair and say, ‘You’re done, mate’.


Olivier Giroud

Mon Dieu, Giroud. You just can’t hate him, can you? In many ways a forlorn figure, Giroud misses truck-loads of chances and  but still, that hair. Giroud spends 4 hours pre-game ensuring his hair is perfect. And, it is.


So there they are, the New Wave group in our Premier League haircut weekly poll. Over to you now, select one of these as your favourite, and on Friday the winner of each group will be pitted in a generation defining poll to select the overall winner.


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