Sky Sports News presenters Natalie Sawyer and Hayley McQueen have joined in the latest fad to sweep the internet. The duo were nominated by a plethora of people including Soccer AM’s Frankie Fryer, controversial ex-Everton player Duncan Ferguson and Irish midfielder David Meyler.

Natalie was very apologetic to her fellow presenter before dumping the freezing liquid and with good cause too. Hayley made sure she got payback. A demented grin washed over Hayley’s face as she picked up the cylindrical bucket of doom. Watch as she doesn’t waste a drop of the icy water, ensuring that Ms Sawyer became suitably saturated.

Hayley nominated Indie frontman Liam Fray, Andy Murray’s mother and Cardiff City manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Natalie threw down the gauntlet to a host of her SSN colleagues including Di Stewart, Darren Campbell and Rob Wotton. She also called out Brentford FC’s Irish midfielder Johnathan Douglas to take the challenge next.

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