This could only happen in a sport where the sole tactic or maneuver is turning left.



Nascar driver Kurt Busch, also known as “The Outlaw” testified Tuesday he believes his ex-girlfriend (Patricia Driscoll) is a trained assassin who has been all around the World knocking off enemies of the United States, gathering information and other secret agent type tasks. Busch, appearing in court again over Driscoll’s request for a restraining order, swears that his ex has been on missions across Central and South America also Africa.

No, seriously.

These are the counter arguements a Nascar uses when he is accused of assaulting a woman, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her head into a wall three times. Busch and his attorneys have denied the allegations, which are the subject of a separate criminal investigation.

If we were on the ex’s legal team, one question we might ask would be, if you were so afraid of your ex being a super secret assassin, then why, by your own admission, confront her physically in your last meeting? Wouldn’t that be a little dangerous?

It would appear Nascar’s descent into the WWE of the motor racing World is set to continue.


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