From the best moustache in English football to the coolest nets of all time, here are 17 reasons why being an Ipswich fan is fantastic

1. The old nets at Portman Road were fuckin’ cool


2. Portman Road housed the best moustache of the 1980s


3. This game. 1 March 1980. Watch it

4. They have the finest nickname in World football


5. Not many teams can win the League in their first season in the top flight

6. 2000-01: Come to think of it, Ipswich are good at being a newly promoted team

7. They are the undisputed kings of the county

The only professional football club in Suffolk.


8. For a small club, they have competed in all three European Cup competitions

ipswich 1982

9. Their main rivalry, although fierce, has a humorous tinge

The next ‘Old Farm Derby’ is scheduled for Sunday 24 August


10. They’ve provided England with the very best


11. This spare but to the point T-shirt. Three cult heroes. Say no more



12. One of the smallest clubs to taste European glory

13. Even their unsuccessful managers could give tremendously entertaining press conferences

14. Their local sports journalists are almost suicidally brave

From the famous press conference above. That man does not blink  under pressure

15. If you’re going to lose make it memorable 

16. The whole of the 1978 FA Cup Final is on youtube

17. Tbey plucked one of the best foreign players in the history of English football before it was fashionable

Mr. Frans Thijssen delighted English football, wining Footballer of the Year in 1981.

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